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Negotiations Update


The Ottawa-Glandorf Local School District ("District") Board of Education ("Board") and Administration values its employees with the highest regard possible. To that end, the Board and Administration believe the teachers deserve to be compensated fairly, but any compensation package must take into account the financial status of the district, so that it remains responsible to the taxpayers and the community.

The Board and its Administration believe it is necessary to provide the community with facts in response to comments made by the Ottawa-Glandorf Classroom Teachers Association ("OGCTA") leadership in the Putnam County Sentinel and The Lima News over the past few months, and to answer questions the public may have about the Negotiated Agreement currently in effect between the Board and the OGCTA.

• The District's teachers are not working without a contract. Under Ohio law, the terms of the Negotiated Agreement continue after expiration until a new agreement is reached. As a result, many of the District's teachers have continued to receive pay increases due to the built-in index increases which are a part of the current Negotiated Agreement's salary schedule. These increases in pay are in addition to the base pay raise the Board is currently negotiating with the OGCTA.

• The District will be placing a copy of the current salary schedule on its website.

• In the Putnam County Sentinel and The Lima News, OGCTA Representatives asked the public to believe that the current stall in negotiations is not about money. The Board appreciates knowing that the Board's offer to the OGCTA is acceptable and looks forward to concentrating on the language issues that need to be agreed upon when the parties meet again.

• Collective bargaining between the Board and the OGCTA is under the jurisdiction of a Federal Mediator. The Board cannot compel the OGCTA to come to the bargaining table, and instead must rely on the OGCTA to cooperate with the Federal Mediator in scheduling dates to bargain. Following the September 17, 2019 negotiations, the Board offered three dates of October 7, 14, and 16 to meet with the OGCTA and the Federal Mediator again. Those dates were rejected by the OGCTA, and the Board was not offered alternative dates. The Board will attend any mediation session scheduled by the Federal Mediator and will continue bargaining in good faith. The Board hopes that the Association will do the same.

• The Board is proud of its long history of providing equal salary/benefit increases to all of the District's employees, including teachers, non-teachers, and the Administration. It is a fact that the District's Administrators pay the same amount of insurance premiums as the teaching staff.

• Under the current Negotiated Agreement, most teachers continue to receive annual increases in their salaries based on their years of experience, and/or educational attainment. For example, during the 2018-2019 school year, a teacher with one year of experience who held a bachelor's degree and had completed 150 semester hours towards a master's degree, earned a salary of $36,796.00. That teacher completed her master's degree over the summer. As such, she would receive a salary of $40,692.00 during the 2019-2020 school under the current Negotiated Agreement. That amounts to a base salary increase of approximately 9.5% over the course of one year. Increases like that far outpace the cost of living, and generously reward individual investment in education and loyalty to the District. Any changes to the salary schedule achieved through negotiations will be in addition to the already competitive wages the District offers.

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