8th Grade Scheduling Meeting - Zoom Meeting Recording

8th Grade Scheduling Meeting - Zoom Meeting Recording

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  What does PEC (science) mean?

  A:   PEC is an acronym for Physical, Earth Science and Chemistry.  

Q2:  Can students use their personal iPad?

  A:  No.  The school issued iPads have special programs, Apps, content filtering and security features that your    

        personal iPad will not have.

Q3:  Is that $60 refunded at the end?

  A:  No.  This is an “insurance” type protection for the iPad. 

Q4:  What if we are absent on February 8th?

  A:  You will be responsible for turning in all the required paperwork to your office secretary 

        immediately when you return to school so we can include your information in our 

        scheduling process.

Q5:  Any ACT or SAT prep classes available??

  A:  There are a variety of tools and classes available to help students prepare for the ACT and 

        SAT.  Online resources include practice tests and strategies located on www.act.org and 

        Khanacademy.org.  There are also practice paper tests and books available in the 

        Guidance office.  Sylvan Learning Center in Ottawa also offers ACT Prep courses for a


Q6:  When and where do we get those forms?

  A:  Forms were passed out in all 3 elementary schools early this week. If you missed, or 

       lost them, stop in your office.  Extra copies should be available.

Q7:  Is it beneficial to have extra seals for graduation?

  A:  No.  Once a student reaches their two seals, we will stop tracking their information.  There 

       is really no benefit to having more than the required number of seals for graduation.

Q8:  Can CYO sports take the place or PE or does it need to be a school sport?

  A:  No.  Only school sponsored sports/activities will fulfill the PE requirement.

Q9:  What is the Accuplacer exam you mentioned?

  A:  The Accuplacer (or Accuplacer Next Generation) is a standardized aptitude test that 

        measures collective knowledge in various skill areas. Many colleges use this as one 

        criteria to help determine whether a student qualifies for admission. 

Q10:  What is the difference between applied algebra and algebra 1?

    A:  Applied algebra is a freshman level class for students who need additional preparation 

         before enrolling in an algebra I class.

Q11:  Is there an Algebra II option for freshman year?

    A:  No.  The only math options for freshmen are:  applied algebra, algebra 1, and geometry (if 

         a student has already successfully completed algebra 1 in 8th grade).